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Certification for the markets in Europe, the USA, Canada and Japan are still forming the basis for many type approval projects and together with their subsidiary the IB-Lenhardt AG is offering the evaluation and certification services directly in house. Designated as TCB (USA), FCB (Canada), RCB (Japan) and Notified Body (Europe) we are ready to assist you with any inquiry for those markets.


In the European Union the introduction of radio products on the markets is regulated by the Radio Equipment Directive, RED. According to the RED radio products must show compliance to harmonized standards as published in the official journal of the European Commission. If no harmonized standard exists or the manufacturer is unsure about the applicable procedures the Notified Body KL-Certification GmbH (NB No. 2784) is supporting you with its expertise and longstanding experience and issues a Technical Examination Certificate, TEC, based on the evaluation of the product documentation provided by the customer, ensuring a smooth and compliant entrance to the markets in the European Union.


As of 2014 the US-American approval authority, Federal Communication Commission – FCC, shifted the evaluation and certification work to the Telecommunication Certification Bodies, TCB’s. The KL-Certification GmbH is designated as a TCB for all radio communication products in the scopes A and B and thus may support the manufacturer on their way to the USA.


The approval system in Canada even very similar to the US-American system requires the evaluation of radio products by a Foreign Certification Body, FCB. Again the KL-Certification GmbH is supporting you to legally enter the market in Canada, checking your product documentation and defining the necessary testing to be performed.


Last but not least the Japanese approval authority, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications – MIC, introduced the Recognized Certification Bodies, RCB’s, as a private instance responsible for the evaluation of telecommunication products with the Japanese regulations. As of 2021 the KL-Certification GmbH is designated as an RCB for the Radio and Telecommunication Business Law and is supporting you on your way to the Japanese market.

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