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Mission and Vision

As a leader in the type approval industry, IB-Lenhardt AG commits to always offer its clients the highest level of quality which is kept in continual improvement thanks to the high integration and adaption of ISO 9001 in our daily company life.

To keep up with the high speed of changes, especially in the communications industry, we invest in developing our staff with–but not limited to–the participation in trainings to advance the effectiveness of our work.

“We strongly believe in the importance of continual improvement not only for our QMS and processes, but also to our human resources”, Daniel Lenhardt, CEO of IB-Lenhardt AG, states.

“By quality and compliance we define our success”

Even there is a huge choice of suppliers for the customer caused by globalization and possibility of comparison, in personal talks we find that beside the price there is a special emphasize on social and technical expertise. The customer wants to be realized and taken serious,” Christopher Marx, Chief Operations Officer at IB-Lenhardt AG, underlines.

With our clear and simple company structure and our innovative process optimizations we are able to provide support and advice for our customers while offering attractive prices which will finally provide us a leading position in the market.

Because only a happy customer will come back!
We achieve our constantly high quality by:
  • providing personal guidance and assistance to our customers
  • providing fast and on schedule delivery of our services supported by state-of-the-art hard and software solutions
  • our experienced and motivated colleagues guarantee a smooth and operational cooperation
  • a concept of continual improvement
  • regular trainings and education of our employees
  • ongoing integration of newest technology
Our targets are:
  • Bringing the highest quality and expertise to the customer
  • Realizing a trouble-free project run using latest technical innovations
  • Being first choice for customers in Europe in all type approval matters
  • Extending our portfolio to offer a service as complete as possible to our customers
  • Connecting happy customers with happy staff

IB-Lenhardt AG commitment to quality

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