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  • BelarusUpdated Radio/Telecom requirements

    Belarus has finally enforced its updated Radio/Telecom requirements as of 01/01/2019 with the ‚new’ Radio/Telecom Technical Regulation TR 2018/024/BY "Technical Regulation of the Republic of Belarus: Telecommunication Facilities: Safety. TR 2018/024/BY" which revokes the previously effective requirements defined in the Resolution of the Council of Ministers of Belarus No.: 849 dd. 21.10.2016.

    Products to be approved in acc. with the TR/2018/024/BY need to be marked with TR BY mark. Devices require to have a Belarus Approval in acc. with TR/2018/024/BY and must be marked with mandatory TR BY mark. From now on local testing is required in Belarus

    The main difference of TR/2018/024/BY from previous requirements (Resolution 849/2016) is mandatory marking (TR BY) and mandatory in-country testing.

    Belarus Radio/Telecom Approval (in addition to CU EAC Certificate) is required in order launch devices on Belarus market. Currently, in EAEU no unified requirements for Radio/Telecom exist, each EAEU Member State has its own national requirements.

    Both CU EAC and Belarus Radio/Telecom Certificates are necessary in order to import and use of devices in Belarus.

    Note: please also check whether your product is subject to other applicable requirements (such as Belarus energy efficiency certification requirements in acc. with BY Resolution 849/2016; RoHS requirements which become mandatory in EAEU from March 1st, 2020 with the EAEU Technical Regulation TR EAEU 037/2016 – application process for RoHS is recommended to be started already from May-June 2019).


    If a product has an approval in accordance to the Resolution 849/2016, it is allowed to supply the product to Belarus market based on this approval (which was possible to receive before 01.01.2019) until the approval expiry date.


    The Technical Regulation TR 2018/024/BY sets two conformity approval procedures, Certification and Declaration, which depends on the device. Products subject to Certification are listed in Annex 1 to the TR 2018/024/BY, product subjects to Declaration are listed in Annex 2 to the TR 2018/024/BY. It is allowed to receive a Certificate (BY TR CoC) instead of a Declaration (BY TR DoC) - approval in form of Certificate is highly preferred by the market. Certificates are issued based on documentation, local testing and a factory inspection.!/DocumentCard/398082/527818

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