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  • ThailandReminder for obligatory marking in Thailand

    Dear Customers,

    IB-Lenhardt AG would like to remind all radio communication equipment providers to comply with Marking regarding Regulation for selling radio communication equipment as per radio communication act B.E.2498.


    Label shall be printed on user manual, shown on packaging, or provided as additional sheet put inside packaging. Label size should be 5x5cm.

    For unlicensed products:

    (Translation of label content: This radiocommunication equipment is exempted to possess license, user license, or radiocommunication station license as per NBTC notification regarding radiocommunication equipment and radiocommunication station according to radio communication act B.E.2498)

    For licensed products:

    (Translation of content: whoever possesses or uses this radiocommunication equipment or set up radiocommunication station shall receive license from a license officer. In case of violation of section 6 or 11, penalties as per section 23 of Radiocommunication Act B.E. 2498 which include fine penalty not over 100,000 Baht or imprisonment not over 5 years, or both, may be imposed.

    This marking requirment covers any product shipped to Thailand, even with Certificates/SCoC issued earlier than March 2019.

    For more information please do not hesitate to contact our team, we will happily support our customers on this matter


    Notification of NBTC Subject: Regulation for selling radio communication equipment as per radio communication act B.E.2498

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