Worldwide Homologation
Type Approval Specialists

Software for Manufacturers

IB-Lenhardt AG has set itself the goal of assisting manufacturers of radio products to master the difficult requirements of worldwide type approvals.

The online Type Approval Management System TAMSys® was developed in-house in order to digitalise, structure and optimise the processes associated with comprehensive certification. It offers you fast, convenient and secure access to all relevant information.

TAMSys® is a high-security online framework which is available to you worldwide around the clock.

Track the progress of currently running projects, monitor the certification status of your products in stock, and be automatically informed in time if recertification becomes necessary. Share important information with customers, partners and service providers for efficient handling of all work processes and use helpful tools to create labels, manual entries and much more.

In addition, our worldwide unique knowledge database - the Reg-DB - offers you countless useful information regarding the regulations in over 200 countries.

The system is based on the latest web and security standards to ensure the integrity of your data.
The graphical user interface of TAMSys® was especially designed to save time and effort, to eliminate sources of error and to provide a well-structured overview of your projects at any time.

A special feature of TAMSys® is its modular structure, which allows our in-house IT department to implement customer-specific wishes and thus to respond exactly to the requirements of your company and to provide you with additional, valuable tools tailored to your needs.

  • Up to Date

Dedicated, active updating of all information through automated verification processes and our experienced Type Approval Team.

  • User Experience

Clear, modern user interface with a wide range of filter and customisation options. Intuitive icon and colour system (traffic light system) prepares the information and data in a way that can be understood by everyone.

  • Integrity

Complete coverage of all relevant information, such as labelling, frequencies and regulatory processes.

  • High Security

Highest SSL standards and data encryption to ensure the security of your sensitive data.

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