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As an automotive OEM, you are closely intertwined with many suppliers whose products you have to keep track of. Short-lived product cycles, as well as constantly changing regulations require fast reaction times and decisions. To ensure this, it is important that all parties involved have the same level of information. Especially in the area of component approvals, dynamic real-time information can create a decisive competitive advantage.

IB-Lenhardt AG has set itself the goal of digitalising international approval processes in order to optimise communication and data exchange between OEM and suppliers.

TAMSys OEM Schaubild

Many large and well-known suppliers already use TAMSys® to its full extent, whereby new products including relevant documentation as well as certificates and labels can be entered and shared with OEMs within a few hours.


•    Suppliers are already active TAMSys® users
•    Free use
•    Administration and maintenance effort minimised and optimised
•    Easy handling
•    High transparency
•    Real-time data
•    Automated Big Data Analysis

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