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We can offer you reliably all services concerning Type Approval in Ukraine (Kiev). Our distinguished contact with the authority in Ukraine (Kiev),our good relationship to Ukrmetrteststandard, Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies, as well as the qualification in the homologation of consumer and automotive RF-products and Short Range Devices (SRD) in ISM-Frequency band will create your market access in Ukraine trouble-free and cost-effective.

We will assist you to put your product successfully on the market by offering the following services:

  • Identify applicable requirements for your specific product or technology feature to comply with current regulations in safety, EMC, wireless, etc.
  • Provide pre-compliance testing during the design and development phase to determine compliance
  • Assist in completion of applications and other required forms
  • Test in our accredited labs or your qualified facilities to issue CB Test Report and Certificate with applicable national differences and other test reports for wireless, etc.
  • Handle entire submittal process including working with local testing and certification organizations
  • Arrange for initial factory inspections that are required before certification issuance
  • Coordinate verification testing on qualified products as needed
  • Facilitate and expedite project progress with support of IB-Lenhardt AG local team and/or partner
  • Support renewal maintenance of certificates as needed
  • User manual translation service when needed

For Ukraine we can offer you a short termed tentative offer based upon a submitted Datasheet of the device:

GEO / MAP of Ukraine

General information about Ukraine

Formal Name


Commonwealth of Independent States

Degree of latitude

Degree of longitude


Country code
+ 380

Top-level domain


Size (in km²)
603,700.0 km²

Population (as of 2011)
45706100 Einwohner

Date of joining the UN

Country code according to ISO 3166-2

Country code according to ISO 3166-3

Certificate Example for Ukraine

Example Radio Type Approval Certificate for Ukraine
Download Certificate

Mandatory / Voluntary

Authority / Regulatory Body
Ukrainian State Centre of Radio Frequencies

Validity Period of Certification
24 Month/s

Local Representative Required?

In-Country Testing Required?

Average lead time for radio type approval
8 weeks

Label Example for Ukraine

News for Ukraine

  • Amendment to N° 355 as of 31.05.2019

    In accordance with the 3rd paragraph of the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine as of 24.05.2017 N° 355 and its implementation until 31.12.2019, the technical regulations of radio equipment (TE RE) - approved by resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated 24.05.2017 N° 355 - DOES NOT apply to radio equipment installed and intended for use as a part of wheeled vehicles.

                 The Technical Regulation applies to radio equipment intended for use as a part of structure of wheeled vehicles, but not to installed parts on wheeled vehicles.

    Conclusion; it only allpies to parts which available separately from vehicles.

                If the radio equipment that is intended for use as a part of wheeled vehicles was implemented for use before 01.04.2018 and meets the requirements of the technical regulations for radio equipment and telecommunication end user (terminal) equipment approved by the resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of 24.06.2009 N° 679, in that case the introduction into the market and the usage of such radio equipment is to be carried out without restrictions, provided that no changes have been done with regard to the structure and/or  software that affects the essential requirements defined by paragraph 6-8 of the TR RE.

    Where changes have been carried out, the manufacturer must carry out a conformity assessment of the radio equipment, in order to confirm its compliance with the essential requirements indicated in paragraph 6-8 of the TR RE.

  • Deadline EXTENDED until 31.12.2019

    Ukraine has introduced amendments to the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated May 24, 2017 No. 355 "On Approval of the Technical Regulation of Radio Equipment".

    Issued decree states that the DEADLINE for type approvals pursuant to the Technical Regulation of Radio Equipment has been extended until 31.12.2019 for vehicle components.

    The additional paragraph states the following: To establish that until December 31, 2019, the operation of the Technical Regulation approved by this Resolution does not apply to radio equipment that is installed and intended for use as part of the construction of wheeled vehicles.

    The amendment applies to vehicle radio equipments only and is valid for products which have already been approved pursuant to the previous RF TR.



  • Manufacturer details in Ukrainian language

    Please be informed that according to the Ukrainian Technical Regulation (UA RED) the paragraph 25 states the following:  Manufacturers must indicate their company's name, registered trade name or registered trademark and postal address at which they can be contacted, OR, if the size or nature of the radio equipment does not allow it, on the radio equipment package or in the accompanying document. Only one address shall be marked at which you can contact the manufacturer. Contact details are provided in accordance with the law on the application of languages.

    The details in national language can be found in the Ukranian DoC which we prepare and provide to our customers for signature.

    Source: https://zakon2.rada.gov.ua/laws/show/355-2017-%D0%BF/page?lang=en

  • Ukraine Confirms Current Certificates In the Transitional Period

    As of 2018-04-01, the Technical Regulation of Radio Equipment came into force, which was approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated May 24, 2017 No. 355.

    Clause 3 of this Resolution, On Approval of the Technical Regulation of Radio Equipment, establishes the following features of the transitional period:

    "To establish that before 2019-04-01 distribution and operation cannot be prohibited or limited due to reasons of non-compliance with the requirements of the Technical Regulation approved by this resolution, radio equipment, which

    - was put into circulation before the date of entry into force of this resolution and
    - meets the requirements of the Technical Regulation of Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine of June 24, 2009 No. 679 (Official Gazette of Ukraine, 2009, No. 50, item 1705),Technical Regulation on Electromagnetic Compatibility of Equipment , approved by the Decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dated December 16, 2015 No. 1077 (Official Gazette of Ukraine, 2016, No. 2, Article 72),Technical Regulations of Low Voltage Electric Equipment, approved by the Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine id 16 December 2015 r. number 1067 (Official Bulletin of Ukraine, 2015 r., number 102, p. 3526). "

  • New Label Requirements

    Ukraine’s Ministry of Economic Development and Trade confirmed the following new labelling format for radio equipment mandatory from 2017-09-01 onwards:

    UA – stands for Ukraine
    TR – provisional symbol of a Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) that is assigned to perform conformity assessment to the requirements of technical regulations
    yyy - CAB ID number

  • Update on Conformity Declarations

    The “Law of Ukraine No. 5312-VI”, released on 2012-11-29, contains the following news:

    • A Registration of Conformity Declarations in Ukraine is no longer required;
    • Declarations of Conformity issued in Ukraine for R&TTE, EMC, or Safety no longer require the registration by a CAB (Conformity Assessment Body);
    • It can now be replaced by a manufacturer's or his/her authorized representative's self-declaration.

Product scope


(24GHz, 77GHz, 79GHz, UWB)

(315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz)

Keyless Go
(125kHz, 13,56MHz)

(125kHz, 315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz)



(Tank Level, Positions-Radar)

(315MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz)


(125kHz, 13,56MHz, 868MHz)

UWB Devices
(24GHz, 60GHz, 79GHz)

Consumer Elektronik


(2,4Ghz, 3GHz, 5GHz, 10GHz)


(868MHz, 2,4GHz)

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