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We can offer you reliably all services concerning Type Approval, Homologation and Certification in South Ossetia (Alania).
Under regulatory aspects South Ossetia (Alania) is subordinated to Georgia. For the case that South Ossetia (Alania) is located in a different ITU (International Telecommunication Union) region as Georgia, it might be possible that the market introduction of a product has to meet special requirements, for example a Frequency Notification.

We will be glad to take care of the research of the conditions determinating the market launch of your product (Short Range Device, Radar, Remote-Key, Keyless-Go, etc) and offer the certification for South Ossetia (Alania)


Jennifer Bender
Type Approval Expert South Ossetia (Alania)
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Pascale Müller
Type Approval Expert South Ossetia (Alania)
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