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A step forward in compliance with international standards

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IBL-Lab GmbH, the future test lab of IB-Lenhardt AG, will provide testing services following the path of high quality and the “right the first time” attitude of IB-Lenhardt AG itself. In succession of the ongoing ISO 17025 accreditation, the lab will start with IEC 62368-1 (Audio/video, information and communication technology equipment — Part 1: Safety requirements),which is in high demand of radio equipment manufacturers, especially within the European Union.

In 2020-12-20, the presumption of conformity of the well-known IEC 60950-1 and IEC 60065 standards will cease and IEC 62368-1 will supersede both. Till this date, it is advised to reevaluate relevant products to IEC 62368-1 in order to restate conformity to the radio equipment or low voltage directive (RED & LVD).

Safety Measurement Equipment:

  • Electrical loads and sources
  • Gauges for wireless charging devices
  • Gauges for accessibility
  • Flammability (Needle Flame, Glowwire)
  • Climatic loads
  • Battery testing
  • Thermal imaging


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